What’s Up… What’s going On!




One of my favorite songs, loud, catchy, full of feeling, full of the frustration, belted out in a song.  

But we don’t need a revolution, we need to just take small steps, think outside the box and move forward, one step at a time.

I love the quote from Richard Branson, “In order to think outside the box, avoid getting into one. There is no need to accept “accepted thinking.”  Where can you make a difference today, based on your passions and small steps? Focus on this and all else will follow.

But “Outside the Box” thinking isn’t only about innovation. the Latest book by the Arbinger Institute, Leadership and Self-Deception, also talks about “the Box” in terms of perceptions.  Out of the box, thinking embraces compassion and awareness of others, in the box is self-directed and wrapped around ego.

What’s going on in your life today, Whats up? What’s inside the box and what’s out.



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