IDD_Max_5600_2017C4 History:

Crooked Creek Indy, CCI has represented the area since 1967, formerly, C-4.

Based on common core values and focused on enhancing the quality of life, Crooked Creek Indy, serves residents, businesses, and stakeholders through action-oriented programs and partnerships between public, private and nonprofits. CCI partnerships include beautification/environmental stewardship, public safety, neighborhood services,  youth programming, health and wellness initiatives, and faith-based initiatives.

Crooked Creek, the namesake of the area, acts as a thread that weaves across the area and connects neighborhoods, roads, trails and green space and serves as a reminder that through building on our assets we grow stronger as a whole.  We embrace environmental stewardship and include it in our programming.





Service Area

38th Street to the South ~I -465 to the North  ~ Spring Mill Road to the East ~ Kessler to the West

Carol M. Mullins Executive Director




Interim President,

Carmen Bailey – V.P. & Land Use Committee Chair

Kathleen Barbaglia – Secretary

Caryl Wyatt – Marketing Chair

Joyce Mulvey – Treasurer