Engaging Community-5 Miles of Clean-

Thursday, September 28 ~ by Carol Mullins

Together we can accomplish so much!  Crooked Creek Indy hosted IndyDoDay with dozens of  community partners. (see below).

We had fun, cleared a little brush, planted a few flowers, swept 5 miles of paths and made some really great friends along the way. Projects focused on engaging community, building relationships and environmental stewardship as we work to create beautiful spaces.

It takes the entire community to step in and work together to maintain vibrant and clean spaces and projects that enhance natural resources in Crooked Creek.

Close to 300 volunteers came out  for cleaning, clearing and planting Spring flowering bulbs along the Michigan Rd. Corridor, and clearing brush in some areas for views to our namesake Creek. By removing trash, gravel and other debris we reduce the amount of pollution that ends up in our waterways.

Together we made a difference! Looking forward to many more projects, especially Spring 2018.

Organized as part of our Beautification Partnerships of the Crooked Creek Community Council Inc. (C4) the following organizations joined in.

  • Eli Lilly Inc. – Lilly Global Day of Service Site volunteers
  • Crooked Creek Community Council, C4 – Organizer, Project Lead
  • A.G. Maas
  • Light of the World – Hospitality Location Meeting space, water for all sites, first aid kits, trash bags for all locations, five team leads, delivery and storage of tools, parking and hospitality table. *
  • The Towers at Crooked Creek-RHF
  • Crooked Creek Baptist – Hospitality location
  • Crooked Creek Elementary School
  • Courtesy Cleaners Laundromat – Hospitality
  • Daniel Bookheim
  • Derek Bland Family – litter grabbers
  • Eskenazi Health –Hospitality location
  • Fay Biccard Glick Neighborhood Center – hospitality & volunteers
  • John P. Craine House Inc.
  • Crooked Creek CDC – volunteer, promotion
  • Indianapolis Museum of Art – donated 900 tulip bulbs
  • Indy Humane – facilities and support
  • LA Corona Restaurant Host
  • Mayors liaisons, RaCia Poston and Joel Smith
  • Northholm Neighborhood
  • Courtesy Cleaners – hospitality site
  • Serenity Cremation and Funeral Services – parking for LGDOS
  • Monica Catholic Church and School
  • Stephen Talley Garden – hospitality donated 2,000 bulbs,
  • Westchester Neighborhood
  • Witherspoon Presbyterian Church
  • Zion Apartments

*A special thank you to the staff and congregation at Light of the World Church and the Stephen Talley Garden for your financial support and encouragement.

Many team leaders from the community: Caryl Wyatt, Tom Lange, Daniel Bookheim, Derek Bland, Charlotte Talley, John Jones, Marsha Campbell, Mayors advocates, Joel Smith and RaCia Poston, and DPW.



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